Mode Illustree-vintage French sewing sheet patterns from World War One-the Great War

Mode Illustree 1914 Womens fashion magazine

Mode Illustree sheet pattern 1914

Mode Illustree 1914

Mode Illustree, perhaps the most famous of womens fashion magazines published in France in the Victorian and Edwardian era,contained wonderful illustrations and sewing patterns, usually in sheet form. Garments are illustrated around the edges of the sheet, togethre with the pattern numbers and then the separate pieces could be traced off the sheet. Sometimes experienced couturiers would simply pin the sheet onto the fabric and using tailors tacks mark the pieces required directly onto the fabric.

Mode Illustree sheet pattern 1914

The First World War, or the Great War, commenced in August 1914. Mode Illustree continued through the war publishing a reduced magazine, along with sheet patterns for home sewing. Sometimes garments for mourning were given, as there was a strict protocol for different forms of dress for the mourning period. After the Forst World War ended in 1919, these protocols became relaxed, was this due to the high number of casualties?

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