1960s vintage retro french sewing patterns sheets-echo de la Mode, Femmes d’aujourd’hui

The French womens fashion magazines “echo de la Mode” (a whisper of fashion)  and Femmes d’aujourd’hui” (Women of today) which were both published in Paris, continued to give supplement sewing pattern sheets away with their magazines in the 1960s.

These sheet usually give the garment illustrations for front and back views;pattern layouts and brief instructions. The reverse sheet gives the actual pattern as a series of lines which are meant to be traced off for each pattern piece. Seams and hems allowances aren’t given.1960s vintage french sewing pattern 1960sfda_0002 1960sfda_0003 1960sfda_0004 1960sfda_0005 1960sfda_0006 1960sfda_0007 1960sfda_0008 1960sfda_0009 1960sfda_0010 1960sfda_0011 1960sfda_0012 1960sfda_0013 1960sfda_0014 1960sfda_0015 1960sfda_0016 1960sfda_0017 1960sfda_0018 1960sfda_0019 1960sfda

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