Beautiful 1930s Vintage French fashion & sewing pattern magazine


This is a  beautiful original and high quality French vintage “Modes et Travaux” magazine/catalogue of fashion  published in December 1934 no. 360 with its  original pattern supplement.

The cover illustrates a coat designed by Molyneux.

The 48 coulour and black and white illustrated  pages of the magazine include different dresses, outfits, hats,lingerie, advertisements. Designers featured include Worth,Schiaparelli and Borea. About 60 dresses/outfits in total are illustrated-with the lengths of fabric required to make up the designs, but the actual patterns for these are not included.There are Knitting patterns for jumpers and a beautiful large sewing pattern sheet with embroidery motifs for lingerie items, designs for infants items.

The magazine is in a very good condition and comes in its original posting envelope 






Some of the lovely fashions-the pages often show back views as well as front.

  On the right is a picture of the large pattern sewing sheet that was included as a supplement. This has a simple pattern fo the girls dress as illustrated in the magazine.

Below are pages with 2 knitting patterns for a womans elegant jumper and a mans waistcoat.

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