Victorian sewing pattern sheet for wedding dress

Mode illustree Victorian sewing patterns sheet

Mode illustree Victorian sewing patterns sheet

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Mode Illustree was published in Paris France from the late 19th century though to the middle of the 20th century. This Victorian edition contained a large sewing pattern sheet for various garments that were illustrated in the magazine-including this beautiful wedding gown

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1960s vintage retro french sewing patterns sheets-echo de la Mode, Femmes d’aujourd’hui

The French womens fashion magazines “echo de la Mode” (a whisper of fashion)¬† and Femmes d’aujourd’hui” (Women of today) which were both published in Paris, continued to give supplement sewing pattern sheets away with their magazines in the 1960s.

These sheet usually give the garment illustrations for front and back views;pattern layouts and brief instructions. The reverse sheet gives the actual pattern as a series of lines which are meant to be traced off for each pattern piece. Seams and hems allowances aren’t given.1960s vintage french sewing pattern 1960sfda_0002 1960sfda_0003 1960sfda_0004 1960sfda_0005 1960sfda_0006 1960sfda_0007 1960sfda_0008 1960sfda_0009 1960sfda_0010 1960sfda_0011 1960sfda_0012 1960sfda_0013 1960sfda_0014 1960sfda_0015 1960sfda_0016 1960sfda_0017 1960sfda_0018 1960sfda_0019 1960sfda

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1940s World War 2 sewing pattern catalogue-Patron Favoris et Minerve-vintage Wartime fashion

DSC00590 DSC00591 DSC00592 DSC00593 DSC00594 DSC00595 DSC00596 DSC00597 DSC00598 DSC00599 DSC00600 DSC00602Here are some pages from an 80 page  sewing pattern catalogue published in the Winter of 1943 by Les Patrons Minerves et Favoris in Paris France. The illustrations give front and back views, the pattern numbers and the amount of fabric required to make up the designs. Included are dresses, lingerie, coats and suits and blouses, as well as some childrens wear.

The catallogue features all the

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Mode du Jour-1920s art deco vintage French womens fashion and sewing magazine

Here are some covers from the French womens magazine “mode du Jour” which was published in Paris France during the 1920s. It often featured mini sewing patterns for enlargement-The flapper fashion are wonderful!

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Victorian and Edwardian 1900 Mode Illustree French vintage Wedding Dress sewing patterns

Here are several editions of the famous French magazine ” Mode Illustree” published in the late Victorian and early Edwardian era of the 1900s. These editions featured vintage sewing pattern sheets for Wedding dresses and other garments;the bride in her bridal gown features on the front page on several. Mode Illustree sewing patterns at this time were produced on a large sheet of many lines;the pattern requires tracing off. Instructions for using Mode Illustree sewing patterns can be found on this website .

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Nouveaute French vintage 1940s sewing pattern magazine

Nouveaute womens magazine was published in the 1930s and 1940s in France and contained fashion illustrations, often sewing pattern supplements and usually a mini sewing pattern with measurments that would be enlarged using squared paper. There were also recipes, home advice and embroidery articles too.

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1940s World War 2 Vintage french coat sewing patterns-Marie Claire

Here are 2 vintage french coat sewing patterns published by Patrons Marie Claire in the 1940s/50s…the raglan sleeve panelled coat is a 1940s classic design.

The patterns were published onto silk dress making tissue paper and there are no seams or hems allowances given or markings( apart from some notches) on the patterns.

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Miroir des Modes-art deco vintage 1920s French sewing pattern magazine

Miroir des Modes was originally published by Buttericks in Paris France and appears to be the French version of the Delineator magazine. However by the late 1920s, the magazine no longer features Buttericks sewing patterns and the fashions are differently illustrated.

Usually the magazine featured an outline sewing pattern for a dress or coat as well.

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1940s World War 2 vintage french sewing pattern catalogue-patron favoris

During World War, patron favoris continued publishing in Paris some wonderful sewing patterns which are featured in their catalogues.

Here are some pages from the catalogues, featuring dresses, coats

and lingerie

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1940s and 50s retro vintage French apron sewing patterns

Here are 3 vintage apron sewing patterns from the 1940s/50s-by Echo de la mode and Patrons Marie Claire-love the styles!

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